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 Mars conjunct Jupiter (2)




         You were born when your soul flight paths from the afterlife realms of Jupiter and Mars intersected. The conjunction of these two influences called up from your spiritual record distinct opportunities and challenges from your past lives. For instance, you may well have been a great British or Roman leader, a governor-diplomat in ancient Persia or Egypt, as well as a counselor-healer in several lifetimes.



         These past lives and your experience in Jupiter brings you much potential in working successfully with the public and with groups of people (Jupiter specifically rules groups rather than individuals, and dealings with people rather than things). Also from deep in your cosmic past comes your unique capacity to quiet others who are so upset or obsessed that their behavior borders on madness or even possession.



         At the same time, no one will ever call you lazy --stubborn at times, yes (and even that can be directed to your advantage) -- but never lazy! You have a great deal of pride, energy and candor. In fact, having a high nervous temperament, you are somewhat rash at times both in being too direct and frank in what you say as well as what you do. After showing poor judgment by taking the law into your own hands, as it were, you then have to deal with your guilt feelings.



         Your very same abilities both to be blunt and to be a calming force upon others, unless applied also to yourself by bringing a quieting within you in the context of an earnest, constructive attitude, may work toward your own undoing.



         Therefore you must first seriously set a clear ideal or higher spiritual goal. Then, with equal seriousness, examine your actions, motives and feelings toward others in candid comparison with what you have set as your ideal. Finally, KNOW your ideal: that it can or will always keep every experience specifically in the way in which only positive, helpful forces may be built, both in your life and in the lives of those around you.



         Warnings, then, might be given concerning the potential retarding effect on your spiritual growth by your rather impulsive tendency at times to have your own way. No other soul can demand that you do or not do anything; your will must be directed by suggestion to your soul or higher self-awareness (that is, directed to your subconscious or superconscious).



          In a manner similar to self-hypnosis, specific constructive suggestions could be made as positive statements either told to you quietly by a companion, prerecorded on tape to be played just when you are about to lose consciousness in sleep. Alternatively, you could frame this suggestion as a prayer or affirmation worded something like, "Father, please guide and protect me when I feel the urge to be reckless, rash and want to take the law in my own hands. Do teach me self-discipline and respect for the rules of moral, peaceful living. Help me to see the good intentions of those who want to help me focus my energy and to know that their restrictions are good for my overall soul growth this lifetime." [3340-1, 1397-1, 234-1]

       在类似自我催眠这样的方式中,将特别的指令和具建设性的陈述会植入内心。为此需要一个伙伴帮助,或者使用录音机把那些建议和陈述肯定句录在磁带上,在你身体即将进入睡眠、失去意识时阅读给你或自己播放。或者,你也可以,以下面的建议为例,来构思自己的祈祷词与肯定语意。主啊!请指引我,并作为我的防护。请让我在鲁莽地想要凌驾律法之上时,让我感受到主之驱策与激励。请教导我:自我提升的训练,尊重精神法则,和平的生活。请帮助我,看到哪些人们出于善意,帮助我聚焦我的力量,并知道他们给予我的约束,是为了我这一世能朝向完整的灵魂之进展。    (凯西解读报告之  3340-1 1397-1 234-1