Ladder 1. the Way (i.e., the ladder to heaven) (281-19). 2. any kind of ascent (900-128). 3. descending a ladder-doing something in life that is a "step down" from what was previously done (900-314, A-6). 4. missing rung of ladder - a hardship along the way of life (281-19, A-7). Other possibilities: 1. success. 2. improvement which comes through a series of separate events or efforts. 3. elevated social prestige.
Lake peace and tranquility (262-8). Other possibilities: 1. a haven. 2. pool-that which reflects or mirrors.
Leaves dead leaves on ground that which is sloughed off or ejected (like drosses from the physical body) (294-136). Other possibilities: 1. life, growth. 2. easily blown about or separated from one's origins.
Letter 1. information which comes (900-242). 2. messages of truth (538-19, A-1). Other possibilities: 1. a realization. 2. telepathic contact.
Light 1. great lessons and great truths 2. knowledge and its application which brings understanding (341-22). 3. the throne of (God's Presence (136-26). 4. the rays of God's love, peace, and happiness (900-216). 5. a higher force and power (900-315). 6.that directing force as would show the way to gain more perfect knowledge (900-159). 7. hope (137-46). Other possibilities: 1. one's conscious awareness of individuality. 2. conscious intellect. 3. conscious attention.
Light bulb 1.that which brings the light of understanding (900-366). 2.one's own intuition (900-278, A-7).
Lightning 1. the higher forces, which may be destructive to many people, but can be a life-giving flow (900-79). 2. fear (i.e., struck by lightning) (136-45). Other possibilities: 1. sudden realization. 2. revenge. 3. sudden discharge of tension. 4. instant karma..
Liquor 1. laying aside physical consciousness (136-60). 2. literally, about drinking habits (137-97; 900-264). Other possibilities: 1. dissolved inhibitions. 2. intoxication, ecstasy. 3. the spirit (pun). 4. temporary relaxation. 5. desire to escape reality.
Luggage 1. that which you "have in hand" in your life (294-100, A-1). 2. that which is at hand and is "tried and true" (294-39, A-1). Other possibilities: burdens, psychological or physical.
Marriage 1. an Inner union with the higher forces that opens creativity (900-362, A-4). 2. commitments to be honored in regard to another person (not necessarily just the spouse) (136-62, A-1). 3. duty to be kept (900-156, A-4). 4. close relations with another person, which bring goodness and happiness (but not necessarily a literal marriage) (900-202, A-1). 5. the inner marriage with the Christ (900-258, A-3; 262-69). 6. a business deal, a joining of commercial interests (538-15, A-1). Other possibilities: 1. a unifying of two aspects of one's own personality or temperament. 2. initiation.
Maze confusion in the face of many turning points or options (900-308, A-12). Other possibilities: emotionally disorganized.
Mirror how one is seen by others (900-332). Other possibilities: 1. self-examination. 2. self- reflectiveness, self-consciousness of one's own individuality. 3. narcissism. 4. maya, illusion, that which isn't real but only a reflection.
Money 1. benefits or returns from efforts (294-89, A-1). 2.the vehicle (or channel) for making exchange (137-99, A-2). 3. borrowed money - favorable conditions which have strings attached (i.e., obligations) (900 - 134, A-1). 4. that which is of value and truth (900-109, A-3, 900-69, A-1). 5. sign of appreciation for services rendered (136-26, A-18). 6. a criterion or a way of indicating success (900-109, A-3, 136-26, A-18). 7. an opportunity to make money (literally) (195-33, A-2). 8. necessity to raise considerable money - warning about becoming extravagant (341-14, A-3). 9. worthless paper money - warning about gambling (341-14, A-3). 10. the material world and its values (900-303, A-5). 11. million dollars-promise that whatever resources (not just money) are re- quired will be supplied as the need arises (900-202, A-5). Other possibilities: 1. power, authority, strength. 2. time and/or energy. 3. counterfeit - phoniness, cheating, insincerity. 4. love.
Moon carnal romance, the impulse to earthly passion (900-268, A-5). Other possibilities: 1. sentimentality. 2. the irrational realm of feelings. 3. feminine. 4. Intuition. 5. the unconscious soul. 6. madness (i.e., "lunacy"). 7. menstrual cycle. 8. desire, yearning.
Mountain 1. reaching higher and higher in mental development (262-64). 2. a place from which there is a more perfect understanding of the physical world (341-15). 3. a place where an understanding of truth is gained (900-34). 4. gaining the full height or the full concept of a matter (900-305). 5. the rise to the spiritual forces (195-33). Other possibilities: 1. highly idealistic, but still with one's feet on the ground. 2. obstacles and difficulties ( if one is atop the mountain, then these are overcome). 3. exaggerations (e.g., making a mountain out of a molehill ). 4. ambitions. 5. climbing mountain - first half of life; descending mountain - second half of life.
Movies mass consciousness; the attitudes of the populace at large (136-26, A-18). Other possibilities: the story of one's own life.
泥:那些成为阻碍的。其他解释:1,让梦者犹豫、恐惧的不利的一面;2,不管表面,或许藏着财富或助力(比如,耶稣有时会这么做);  3,被一些事情拖住了;4,排泄物;5,起源,梦者的出身;6,疏忽;7,虐待身体。
Mud that which makes for a hindrance (294-159, A-4). Other possibilities: 1. the retarding aspect of one's own hesitations and fears. 2. that which, despite appearances, can contain a treasure or can aid heating (e.g., Jesus sometimes used it).3. stuck or caught up in something. 4. excrement. 5. the womb, one's own origins. 6. neglect. 7. abuse of the body.
Newspaper comics-encouragement to use one's sense of humor and laugh more often (900-159). Other possibilities: 1. public attention. 2. common knowledge. 3. new realization, new information. 4. prophecy
Nudity 1. fleshly desires (294-67). 2. the uncovering or exposure of something intended to be kept hidden (294-67). 3. ignorance or not understanding (i.e., "that bareness ... to which (one) is reduced, by not opening self to an understanding...") (341-11, A-2). 4. feeling one is laid bare to criticism, vulnerable in this fashion (1 36-1 5, A- 1). Other possibilities: 1. stripped of the "masks" one wears in relating to the world. 2. a desire for others to know one's real feelings. 3. humility. 4. the refusal to keep playing a role in life.
警察:1,法律,特指宇宙或精神法则;2,那些试图控制混乱局面的;3,统一的精神法则,梦到便衣警察则说明你只是一个凡人,上帝的法则。其他解释:1,禁止;2,良心;3,崇高 的,可以保护梦者的力量;4,因果法则。
Radio 1. one's own capacity to attune or tune in to better understandings (even to higher forces or psychic forces) (900-231). 2. the way in which the Father can "hear at a distance" our needs (900-231). 3. our capacity to attune to the Infinite and receive a power that manifests in physical life (900-231). 4.force and power that can radiate a far distance (900-231; 900-301) 5. the capacity to attune to truth (900-230, A-3). Other possibilities: 1. entertainment. 2. the body's own sense of hearing. 3. communication with others. 4. public knowledge. 5. telepathy.
Rain 1. blessings, benefits (900-98, A-1). 2. conditions that are coming down (e.g., dreamer is stockbroker; rain coming down signified lower market) (900-266, A-6). Other possibilities: 1. emotions and the release of feelings. 2. sadness or grief. 3. obstacles. 4. cleansing process. 5. deliverance from a dry spell. 6. need to drink more water.
Restaurant 1. food for the physical needs of a body (900-85, A-1; 900-95, A-2). 2. a place of seeking the higher foods of spiritual truth (i.e., "feed at the table of the Giver of all good and perfect gifts") (900-220, A-7). Other possibilities; sociability.
River 1. the way of life (900-64). 2. stream - a dividing line (294-62, A-2). Other possibilities; 1. the source of fertility. 2. the current of one's energies. 3. the passage of time.
Road/path/street 1.the journey of life one is on (195-42, A-1). 2. rough, poor roadbed-troublesome conditions to be encountered (900-158, A-2). 3.junction, crossroad-choices in life about how to use resources (900-224, A-2); a time in life of especially needing guidance (900-232, A-1). Other possibilities: 1. the direction one is pursuing. 2. one's destiny.
Rocks 1. large ones in a road-troublesome conditions along the way (294-159). 2. difficulties to overcome (538-25). Other possibilities: 1. boulders-sturdiness and stability. 2. latent strength. 3. emotional sterility (e.g., "heart of stone" or "stony silence"). 4. earthiness.
Roof 1. the top or pinnacle of thought and understanding (900-105, A-1). 2. hanging from edge of roof - getting oneself into precarious situations or circumstances (900-398). Other possibilities: protection, security, shelter, nurturance.
Rubbish/trash disorder and laxness in the life (262-8). Other possibilities: 1. ideas of little value or meaning. 2. Toxins or waste products of the physical body needing elimination.
Runner that force through which the individual may gain strength to go alone (538-16). Other possibilities: 1. a need for more exercise. 2. a part of oneself trying to avoid something. 3. feeling hurried. 4. strong commitment and desire to get to a goal.