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* 木星合海王星Jupiter conjunct Neptune (2)
A past lifetime in Palestine, perhaps during the time of Jesus or the Early Church, and before that, in very early Egypt as a participant in the temple service, are likely to be major influences upon your inner urges in the present. From these prior lives, you are inclined to have an overpowering humanitarian drive, with particularly strong compassionate urges to stamp out injustice and right wrongs, even to the point of self-sacrifice. Work in social service, the ministry or a spiritual cause would therefore be well chosen for you, whether in a career capacity or as an occasional volunteer.


Also, from your afterlife visitation in the watery, spiritual realm of Neptune, you will much more easily find harmony in what you do in life if your activities are involved with people and things which come over, pass through or live and grow in water. You may also find -- and share with others --potentially great benefits through your unique and special gift of healing through the laying on of hands.

However, on the more challenging side, because Jupiter has a special influence upon the liver, its proximity to Neptune at the time you selected to begin a new lifetime can bring you difficulties with your liver. This possible health problem is most likely to be brought on through a dietary and nutritional imbalance, so be especially cautious in your diet, avoid drugs and keep your alcohol intake to a minimum.

Now, as a soul journeying between lifetimes from the watery mystical dimension of Neptune to begin a new earth life, you made an extended stopover en route in the universal consciousness dimension of Jupiter. More specifically, from your Neptune experience in the afterlife comes urges pertaining to the mysterious, to spirituality and all things of a mystical nature. This inclines you to have an especially mystical imagination and creative, musical or artistic abilities.

However, some of your intuitions, speculations, dreams or visions may not always be wise and therefore need to be carefully weighed and even resisted at times, because your imagination is likely to occasionally confuse fact with fantasy. A related tendency to guard yourself against is the likelihood that your emotional urges and expansive feelings will on occasion cloud your otherwise good judgment. This may at times invite illogical or somewhat confused emotional evaluations and decision making.

Uncontrolled, or rather, unguided by a high personal ideal, your earthly emotional experiences from past lifetimes --whether worry, fear, depression or even ecstatic, exalted feelings -- may become stumbling stones for you in the present. When controlled and guided by the highest ideal you can muster, they will be wonderful stepping stones enabling you to better interpret the meaning of emotional experiences in the relationship challenges of others. Then, why worry when you can pray? To ready yourself during times of trial or temptation, let your prayer simply be, "Not my will but thine, O Lord, be done in and through me."

Finally, apply your will in relation to an ideal based on things which are continuous, like Life itself. Of course, only Spirit is truly continuous, while earthly, material things by their very nature must pass away. Hence only an ideal or higher purpose which is reasonably founded on the creative and constructive, or which is prompted by truth as founded in spiritual sources truly lasts. [1188-1]
    最后,将您的意志与理想紧密相连,这种理想一定要基于永恒连续的事物上,如生命本身。当然,只有圣灵才是真正永恒的,而人世间的,物质性的东西,基于其本身性质必将消亡。因此,只有那些基于开创性和建设性的合理的,或者那些被真理所提示的同时建立在灵性之源的理想或更高的目标,才能真正永恒。 [凯西解读1188-1]