Electric power line the driving force that energizes a situation (900-158, A-2).
Elephant 1. power and might combined with heightened knowledge and cunning (341-15, A-3). 2. knowledge and power (900-90, A-1). Other possibilities: 1. sexuality. 2. the great Inner power of the unconscious. 3. strength of will. 4. long memory, unforgetting. 5. thick skinned.
Elevator changes, ups and downs (900-209, A-1; 900-241, A-1; 137-74, A-2). Other possibilities: altered states of consciousness.
Explosion 1. warning of turmoil or change (136-41). 2. harsh responses likely to come from others due to recent behaviors of dreamer (288-20). Other possibilities: 1. Impending health crisis. 2. something, which has been repressed coming to the surface.
Eye 1. one's outlook or vision (900-285, A-11; 900-308, A-4). 2. large eyes-an all-seeing, clairvoyant vision of things (137-45). Other possibilities: 1. Intelligence. 2. curiosity. 3. personal Identity (i.e., "I").
Falling 1. conditions (could be physical health, financial, attitudinal/emotional state, etc.) that are failing or may soon go down; can be produced by conscious life fears rather than predictive guidance (900-216, A-8). 2. disappointments in life (538-22, A-2). Other possibilities: 1. lack of support. 2. getting caught up In something (e.g., failing in love). 3. fear of not being in control. 4. fear of suffering a moral lapse. 5. fear of failing from or losing a position of prestige.
Feathers 1. flying feathers-disrupted conditions (294-36, A-3). 2. plucking feathers-things to be removed so that a new stability can emerge (137-37, A-4). Other possibilities: 1. an achievement. 2. a thought or aspiration.
Feet 1. the pathway one is on (900-37; 294-136, A-4). 2. defective feet-flawed pathway one may be following (551-12). Other possibilities: 1. understanding. 2. basic assumptions. 3. relationship to the ground, to the earth.
Fence 1. confining yourself by your own conscious, limited Interpretation (or understanding) of things (341-11, A-2). 2. an enclosure that limits or hedges in (294-87, A-1).Other possibilities: 1. undecided (i.e., "on the fence"). 2. barrier. 3. difficulty within self, barring progress or expression. 4.protectionfrom outside threat.
Fire 1. fear, which creates a hellish experience (900-282). 2. a trial that makes things perfect (136-4). 3. Ire (i.e., anger or Irritation) (136-4). 4. that which can burn and reduce something (or someone) to nothing (288-15). 5. detrimental conditions in the physical body, which are consuming (900-216). 6. temper (900-143, 900-253). 7. physical conditions that would mar or cause physical distress (106-9). Other possibilities: 1. passion. 2. pain.
Fireworks public acclaim (900-53). Other possibilities: achievement and celebration. 2. dramatic, outer demonstration of one's Inner state.
Fish 1. the Christ (294-15). 2. a geographic location near water (i.e., where fish can be caught) (294-44). 3. that achievement to which you may attain (341-13). 4. a lesson that can be drawn out (like a fish is drawn out of water) (294-34). Other possibilities: 1. something not quite right (i.e., "fishy"). 2. prenatal experience (i.e., life in the waters of the womb). 3. Ideas and feelings from the inner life. 4. dietary recommendation regarding seafood.
Flag 1. national or international affairs/issues (note what the flags are) (257-74,A-34). 2.the standard by which one judges self (900-69, A-3). Other possibilities: 1. patriotism. 2. self-identity. 3. call to greater attention toward something.
Flower 1. hope (262-8). 2. lily-spiritual development, growth, and beauty that grow out of unsightly "muck" (i.e., the lily grows in water and mud) (137-63, A-3). Other possibilities: 1. beauty. 2. something in one- self about to blossom. 3. love. 4. growth. 5. center of consciousness. 6. virginity.
Flying l.mastering physical laws and overcoming them wakening to higher, fourth-dimensional understanding (900-159, A-4). 2. traveling to be done in the waking state (2310-2). Other possibilities: 1. astral travel or precursor to becoming lucid in a dream. 2. desire to avoid something. 3. desire to rise above things. 4. idealism. 5. fantasy or wishful thinking.
Food 1. that which nourishes us spiritually (e.g., truth) (281-6). 2. anything that sustains us physically 3. that which sustains and nourishes us mentally (i.e., new ideas or knowledge) (900-294; 900-152). 4. anything, in general, that gives sustenance to the physical self (136-18,A-4). 5. that with which one feeds the mind (900-239, A-1). 6. the truth which the mind needs in order to grow (900-294, A-1).
地基(指建筑物的):1,做梦者的身体(例如: 在其基础上的作某些事的能力)2,计划(例如,可能的成就的基础);3,值得信赖的对生命起到稳定的;其它解释:1,理想;2,假设。
Foundation (of a building) 1. the physical body of the dreamer (i.e., the "foundation" on which rests the capacity to get anything done) (294-10). 2. plans (i.e., on which the possible accomplishments rest) (294-72). 3. that which is trusted and gives stability to one's life (39-3). Other possibilities: 1. ideals. 2. assumptions.
Fountain source from which greater knowledge may be obtained (195-42). Other possibilities: 1. the source of supply. 2. the water of life.
Game 1. croquet-pleasure or enjoyment in a worldly way (900-120, A-1). 2. physical efforts or challenges with goals (i.e., "wickets") to be made (900-128, A-3; 900-116, A-8).
Giant 1. people or conditions, which ridicule or are oppressive to Self (900-313). 2. conditions, which seem to be a hindrance (137-38). 3. foreboding of distressing or disagreeable conditions (137-38). 4. the forces of ridicule (i.e., what belittles one or makes one feel small) (900-313, A-1). Other possibilities: strength without wisdom.
Glasses (for eyes) that which enhances compre- hension (538 -19, A-1). Other possibilities: 1. clear-sightedness. 2. mind-set (e.g., "rose-colored glasses"). 3. something, which aids inner vision.
Gloves 1. that which keeps the body warm and healthy (e.g., loss of gloves indicating need to take better care of health) (137-38). 2. protection (900-419, A-3).
Gold fabric truths being shown (137-35).
Golf 1. exercise for the physical well-being of the body (900-79; 900-85). 2. golf ball-the person or the person's own life; the word of the spiritual forces (900-99). 3. golf club-the way one goes about life (900-99). 4. golf course-the world in which we make our way (900-99).
Gorge troublesome conditions along the way (294-159).
Gun 1. pistol-aggressiveness, harshness (288-20). 2. the source of injury (not necessarily bodily; in this case, financial) (195-27). 3. a way of defending oneself (294-101). 4. aiming a gun- keeping properly focused on target or goal (900-106, A-1). Other possibilities: 1. male sex organ. 2. fear.
Hair 1. reasoning process (137-41, A-2). 2. thought (136-7, A-4; 900-99, A-4). 3. knowledge (900-156, A-3). Other possibilities: physical or spiritual strength (e.g., Biblical story of Samson).
Hammer the driving force in a situation (294-36, A-2). Other possibilities: 1. power. 2. desire to have an impact. 3. building something.
Hat 1. the active conditions (i.e., what is currently going on in the life) that exist with an individual (900-122). 2. the nature of a person's thoughts (136-18). Other possibilities: occupation or job undertaken.
Head 1. functioning of the brain (294-56). 2. an attitude, orientation or way of approach (e.g., dream character with head on backwards means approaching things in backward fashion) (294-131, A-3). 3. headless-inability to reach that person through normal,physical,conscious means-can only be contacted through spiritual means (900-355, A-1). 4. headless - warning not to lose your head in daily duties (137-36). Other possibilities: conscious intentions.
Home/house 1. condition and effects created by one's current work in life (294-50). 2. a specific station in the thought and action of a person (538-20). 3. the "place" in which one dwells in consciousness (i.e., one's state of consciousness) (900-53). 4. the mental state of an individual (900, A-3). Other possibilities: 1. spiritual home. 2. domestic life. 3. the body. 4. the personality. 5. front of house-the facade shown to the world. 6. basement-unconscious or instincts.
Hornet, wasps 1. troublesome obstacles to be overcome (341-13). 2. warning about dangerous condition (i.e., may be painful) (294-67).
Horse 1. the messenger (294-136; 262-15,137-89). 2. the message and the messenger (900-98; 900-336). 3. the nature of the message may be represented in the kind of horse (e.g., a charger, a slow workhorse, a race horse, etc.) (294-85). Other possibilities: 1. making progress. 2. unbridled emotions. 3. Instincts.

Intruder 1. breaks into home-the breaking of a law, the breaking of a spiritual law (because the home represents the spiritual home) (136-60). 2. self-indulgent attitudes or behaviors (136-24, A-12). Other possibilities: 1. a threatening and avoided side of self. 2. the "shadow" or ignored side of self.
Key 1. the conscious knowledge necessary to understand more of the Universal Laws (i.e., the "lock" represents the mysteries of living things in a material world) (900-84). 2. safety or that which provides safety (137-99, A-2). 3. the solution or answer to a situation (900-280, A-1).
King 1. the attainment of a high goal (900-261, A-7). 2. help, assistance, and aid that can come from beyond oneself (900-208, A-5). Other possibilities: 1. your own father. 2. what you are ruled by. 3. God. 4. the dominant idea in your mind. 5. the side of yourself you consider most majestic.
Knife 1.a"two-edged"tool that can be used for defense or to force one's own way upon another (900-270). 2. forces exerted in the material world for destruction (900-37). Other possibilities: 1. male sex organ. 2. aggressiveness, hostility. 3. piercing mind.